About Us

About Us

Pegasus motors focus is on the relatively accessible niche, ultra-low volume supercar market with a capable and novel, hybrid vehicle with a special combination electrical hybrid & rotary engine drivetrain that is highly drivable on the street and track.  It features a healthy list of unique attributes and characteristics allowing it to be competitive to both niche and mainstream contemporaries.

We are hoping to keep the project out of the public domain until it is able to display the necessary performance to back up any claims.  Innovation is at our core and Pegasus motors has managed to go outside the box of convention like only start-ups can and focus on areas often overlooked to find several promising gaps that can be exploited and expanded.

The rotary engine to be used is ideal for the exotic performance class.  The bulk of negative attributes relating to the engine have been mitigated with the hybrid system; not to mention that it boosts the performance significantly with the added benefit of improved emissions, efficiency and usability.

The hybrid system being developed is unique to the vehicle and holds great potential. Even when compared to the recent spate of new hybrid hypercars that has been developed by mainstream manufacturers.  Hybrid systems do add to the weight of the vehicle, but they provide several favourable features including greater power and faster lap times. The Pegasus system is a unique configuration in its easier implementation and greater ability to offset the bulk of the added component weight while retaining the positive features of a hybrid.

Pegasus motors is currently New Zealand based as the country offers several advantages

  • Innovative culture
  • Capable engineers
  • Carbon fibre expertise
  • World renowned rotary experts and builders
  • Quality craftsmanship and skilled workforce
  • Well established mega yacht industry
  • Reduced development costs
  • High level of motorsport ability



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